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New Thoughts on the Universe Establishing a Combined Cosmic and Quantum Model

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Atkinson’s Tempo field theory is a unifying theory for quantum and cosmic physics, replacing special and general relativity in the search for an understanding of the universe.
In its elegant linking of time and energy, the Tempo field theory explains the phenomena that have given rise to conjectures on black holes, dark matter, dark energy, the warping of space/time, gravitons and an expanding universe thereby, enabling it to claim to be a true contender for ‘The Missing Physics’.

coromaIn Frank Atkinson’s comprehensive book TIME - THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS OF THE MISSING PHYSICS, the Tempo field theory is progressively developed. Phenomena, such as light bending in space, galaxies spiralling too fast, thermal cosmic background radiation and Hubble’s redshift, are shown to require only the application of the Tempo field concept to become logical and coherent aspects of the cosmic/quantum universe. Deductions presently derived from observations of the universe are re-evaluated, providing new and challenging concepts.

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